Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sake + Gummy Bears = Love?

I feel so lucky to have a new Guest Post on Simone Grant's amazing blog!  Go check it out here!


  1. Just discovered your blog through Simone's blog -- awesomely fricking funny! Love reading the guy's perspective, especially when it's this good.

    I need to update my own blog, but here ya go:

    ~ Loverville

  2. Just came over from Simone's spot and such a great vibe you have going on here! Especially with all the drunk chicks! I was cracking up at the one word e-mail "hey" and could only rival it with the bad grammar e-mail us ladies get that goes a little something like "wut r u up 2?" And it's like "okay, where is the picture of you taken in the bathroom mirror and oh yes, here's the one of you in your car. HOT." All this to say ... thanks for writing, I hope you continue!